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It is always pleasing when people comment on your work, email you to tell how they like your work. When they enquire to hire you for a job, or when they request permission to use your work in their class project, for social awareness campaign or any good purpose.

I receive hundreds of emails like those every month, and It just feels great to know what people think, and how they are using my work. I have had a few surprises just like that when I got emails from some very prestigious organisations with requests to use my photography works. I am listing a few of them below:


Islamic Relief, SA

December 13, 2010 – Islamic Relief (South Africa) used my photo in their campaign to raise funds for Pakistani Flood Victims.


In July 2010, floods began in Pakistan, resulting from heavy monsoon rains in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan regions of Pakistan and affected the Indus River basin. Approximately one-fifth of Pakistan’s total land area was underwater, approximately 796,095 square kilometres. According to government figures about 20 million people were affected, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure, with a death toll of close to 2,000.


Islamic Relief has rebuilt over 700 houses, provided clean drinking water to almost 5,000 people and also provided 52 Water Wells, Hand Pumps and Electric Pumps, Health Facilities for 134,000 people, 15,000 ft of drainage and Agriculture Tool Kits to 10,000 people


SIWI, Sweden

August 19, 2010 – Stockholm International Water Institute used my photo in their book “The Story of the Stockholm Water prize laureated”, for their 20th water conference in 2010.
(ISBN: 91-974183-9-0)


The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is a policy institute whose diverse Stockholm-based, internationally-oriented programmes and activities contribute to finding sustainable solutions to the world’s escalating water crisis. SIWI manages projects, synthesises research and publishes findings and recommendations on current and future water, environment, governance and human development issues.SIWI serves as a platform for knowledge sharing and networking between the scientific, business, policy and civil society communities. SIWI builds professional capacity and understanding of the links between water-society-environment-economy.


Article 25, UK

July 21, 2009 – Article 25 used my photography in their campaign to highlight the suffering of the flood and earthquake victims, of Pakistan and to get immediate help for them.


Article 25 is an operational UK registered charity that designs, builds, and manages projects to provide better shelter wherever there is disaster, poverty, or need. Article 25 provides built environment professional expertise; and works alongside aid organisations, NGOs, and communities around the world. Their mission is to bring experienced, field-appropriate professional skills and academically rigorous research findings to NGOs engaged in building work.


Article 25 has has reconstructed 34 schools, colleges and health clinics in affected areas of NWFP and Kashmir, and has build around 80,000 homes, each home costing Rupees 280,000.


University of Florida

April 9, 2009 – University of Florida used my Imagery on recruitment display to get people to join Plant Science program at the University.


The mission of the Plant Science Research and Education Unit at University of Florida is to provide superior agricultural field research service to their customers to meet the changing needs. They operate an employee driven unit where friendly, hard-working people gather everyday. There they seek to provide their employees with a work place that will enhance their quality of life, reward responsibility and provide career and educational growth.


Tieto & Trendit

April 4, 2009 – Tieto & Trendit used my image with an article on the state of children which is based on report released by Unicef in their April 2009 issue.


Tieto & Trendit (English: Facts & Trends) is a magazine from Finland that is widely read among media, businessmen, state officials, members of organisations, researchers and all those interested in global economy, environment and various other issues. The magazine consists of latest statistics, news and articles written by experts from Statistics Finland as well as from different research institutes.


Searic, Canada

May 7, 2008 – Searic has used my photo in their campaign to raise funds to provide shelter and schooling to the children Andra Pradesh in India.


Searic is a not-for-profit registered charity run by unpaid volunteers for the assistance and education of impoverished children in Canada and in India. Searic has about 123 members of which 65 are lifetime members as for now.


CPM Foundation, Spain

February 4, 2008 – Angela Llinas who works for Spanish NGO ‘Cirujanos Plástikos Mundi‘ requested my photo to be used in their manuals & presentations for surgical workshop to be held in Pakistan.


CPM Foundation, a non-profit, is a young Spanish foundation that aims to provide volunteer services for reconstructive surgery and related specialties for children and adults in countries in process of development. CPM is the only Foundation dedicated to Balearic such activities and also provide health education for medical professionals to achieve long-term self-sufficiency in parts of the world where required. CPM also organise surgical workshops for local surgeons to help them to improve their skills and offer a better treatment to their patients. In May 2008 they had a surgical workshop in Pakistan for which they used my photographs in their manuals.

To find out more about CPM Foundation, please visit their website


M.A.D, Australia

July 20, 2007 – Australian Charity Organisation M.A.D “Make a Difference” used my imagery in their presentations and manuals for social enterprise.


Make A Difference aims to raise significant funds through various projects to make a difference to the lives of those in necessitous circumstances, thereby improving the overall quality of life across various Western Australian communities.


Amnesty, Germany

July 5, 2007 – Bernard Draige of Amnesty (Germany) requested my permission to use my imagery to advertise for a public action in Brazil which was meant to draw attention on human rights violation.


Amnesty is an international non-governmental organisation. Its stated mission is “to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.” Founded in London in 1961, Amnesty draws attention to human rights abuses and campaigns for compliance with international laws and standards. It works to mobilise public opinion to exert pressure on governments that perpetrate abuses. The organisation was awarded the 1977 Nobel Peace Prize for its “campaign against torture”, and the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights in 1978.

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