A few old sketches i drew (2007/08)

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Today, I have been looking into some old folders and there I found these sketches I drew back in 2007/08. I thought I might just share them here…

Majungasaurus for a 3D project, Pencil Rendered

Blue Print Reference of Majungasaurus for a 3D project

A Dragon Roaring (Pencil Sketch)

Badshahi Mosque (Medium: Prisma and Watercolor)

Dharmapalas Sword (Medium: Ballpoint)

Dharmapalas Axe (Medium: Ballpoint)

Optical illusion of a Mosque, Inspired from an Unknown Artists work

5 Point Perspective Study (no stencils used)

Still life drawing from class…

One thought on “A few old sketches i drew (2007/08)”

  1. Afraz

    You have the talent from God to make things look so easy and simple, and it is so much visible in every sketch.


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